Success-driven load tests with OGVIT!

We offer you extensive and flexible load tests, as well as individual services, which suit exactly your needs.

Because of our long lasting experience with load tests, we know which questions to ask to create system requirements and how to find the bottleneck in your system.

Because we also work as developers in our internet agency, it is possible for us to create detailed test cases, so that we can put your system through its paces, in order to obtain all the relevant results we need.

We use popular and reliable tools such as JMeter, Selenium The Grinder and NetLoad to test your system. We don't use only one tool, because every test is individual and with the mixture of different tools, we are able to offer you the best solution.

And we are flexible, of course: You need a competent service provider in the short term for a load test? We are here to help you fast and straightforward.

Besides this, we also offer Workshops and schoolings in the subject of load tests, performance tests and optimization.

A load test is interesting for anyone, who can answer to at least one of the following questions with a Yes!

  • You would like to know how your new product behaves before you launch it?

  • You want your services tested by an independent and qualified service provider?

  • You plan a new marketing event, that will attract more visitors than usual and would like to test the integrity and stability of your system?

  • Do you want to optimize your Apps and services and want to be able to create load with the push of a button?